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The Dialogue of the Night

The Dialogue of the Night

It was long, long time ago, around the beginning of the 14th century and in a faraway country,
and maybe resembled France as we know it today,
or somewhere else.

The princess was living alone in the small room on the top
of the very high tower.
The bugs were anxious about her living all by herself and flew into the room occasionally to see if she was fine.

Although she disliked them, the ugly bugs when she was a child, as she grew up she became fond of them gradually.

Years later, when she started to die off, it might have been only the bugs who were her friends.

She loved the music so much and lived a life with her singing each and every time.

It was a sacred song for life

without words,
without notes and
without lyrics.

She was living with speaking the words without sounds and believing only the world she could not see.

When it was late at night every time,at night close to dawn,
while flowers and bugs were deep in sleep,

It came into the world.
It is so small, secret and what nobody knows.
The song.
The music.

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